Want to be part of a sport that’s safe, fun, challenging, family friendly and gender neutral?

Then Full Bore Target Rifle Shooting is for you!

Endeavour Rifle Club was formed in 2001 with the merging of two clubs with a long, proud history of competition shooting, Sydney Navel Rifle Establishment (1946) and Sutherland Rifle Club (1914). At Endeavour Rifle Club we offer expert advice and coaching with over 50 years of experience at the highest levels within in the club, including Australian Ladies Teams & NSW State Ladies Team members. We have a mix of male and female members ranging from over 60 to as young as 12 with the next generation of marksmen coming through the ranks. Endeavour Rifle Club uses State of the art electronic targets and promotes the safe handling and use of firearms.

Anyone from the age of 12 (under adult supervision Parent or Guardian) or, 18 years and over can come and experience the thrill and skill required to shoot accurately over long distances.

No Licence! No worries. All you need to do, to have a go, is complete a NSW Police Firearms Registry form (Under the Enquiries tab) and contact one of the club members to arrange a suitable day.


Shooting takes place each Saturday out at Anzac Rifle range but Endeavour Rifle Club also takes part in many country and interstate shooting competitions where camping and travel are enjoyed by a strong representation of club members and their families.

At Anzac Rifle Range we shoot from 300 meters right up to 800 meters, yes that right 800 meters. Anzac Rifle Range has a long and proud history not only at the current site at Malabar but also from its original origin in Liverpool.

The New South Wales Rifle Association (NSWRA) has an even longer history of over 152 years 1860 – to current. It started out as the Rifle Association of New South Wales on 15th October 1860 and over the years went through several transitions including the change to National Rifle Association of New South Wales on 31st January 1896, New South Wales Rifle Association 1st January 1968, to its current Incorporation on 22nd December 1987.

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